• Amanda Egan

Whats next?

Finally we are almost there -The school holidays, Kids being at home, it's all coming to an end. Mums getting the final bits for the school uniform, stationary, sports kit, the list goes on!

Normally I'm feeling like I've had a great eight weeks off with my Son and 'Teacher' husband and I'm keen for them to return but this year it feels very different. I don't know if you are like me and feel a bit aprehensive about returning to school, to the new normal? I'm wondering if we're going to go back into Lockdown by the end of September, I'm nervous about my loved ones mixing with lots of other people again, but I know how important it is for them to return to the school environment.

I know it's been said a million times but who would have ever thought we would have had a Global Pandemic that would cripple our world? And until there is a vaccine a huge cloud hangs over all of us. As someone thats 'Worked from Home' for the last 12 years I know I will never change my working environment and the way I work. I like the fact that I'm in control of when I work and for how long, I like being my own boss and carving out my future. But until now I didn't realise all of the other benefits and for many Mum's having to return to a place of work it must feel so daunting? Have the employers and businesses adapted their businesses enough to keep you safe? Are they going to be able to be flexible on an ongoing basis as local lockdowns happen, Schools possibly closing again periodically? And if an employee is able to continue working from home are companies going to be able to support that ongoing or is it a temporary measure?

I speak to my friends, a lot of whom are Mums just like me and they've had a very successful careers working in London and loved the fact that they can be very present parents but also go to a full time job but since the Coronavirus outbreak its made them rethink their Lifestyle.

They now question whether they want that 6am alarm, two hour commute, constant juggling of childcare, before and after school clubs, school holidays, sickness, it goes on and on.

Lockdown forced many companies to allow their staff to work from home and for many it suits them, they are more productive, more loyal, more efficient and ultimately more effective. And isn't it so true that Women are more naturally suited to multi tasking? But how long will it last thats the golden question!

Maybe now is the time to make a change to your lifestyle? There is so much uncertainty in the job world that even if your job is safe now is the time to get a plan b going? I've had my business for 12 years now and I've grown it working alongside a Global Health & Wellness company, Whilst I always dreamed of having my own business I had never had one before, I knew nothing really about Health & Wellness and I wasn't in a position where I could just leave my full time job and peruse my dream because I couldn't afford to live without my salary.

It all started just after I had my son Alfie I became ill and spend around six months in and out of hospital, I was recommended to drink Aloe Vera everyday to help me with my symptoms and although I was sceptical I was drawn to the fact that the product was completely natural and if it didn't work I would get my money back. Well, six weeks of drinking it everyday and my health was completely transformed, so much so that now at the age of 47 I'm a Marathon runner, I've run 15 Half Marathons in lockdown! What happened next was that the person that had recommended the Aloe to me asked me if I would be interested in starting my own home based Health & Wellness business, it cost less than £200 to start and they provided full training and support, to cut a long story very short within 8 months I was earning a full time income still working part time hours and over the last few years I have earned more than I ever did working a job! Whats great is that i work with the people that I want to work with and the essence of our business is all about helping people - helping them to improve their health with a fantastic range of products and helping people to start their own home based business.

So having had the last 8 weeks off having fun with my family and just keep my business ticking over its time now to get back to work and so I'd love to hear from you if anything that I've said resonates with you, We can have an informal chat to find out if what I have is of interest to you and vice versa because its not for everyone, it takes drive, ambition, motivation and someone that is coachable.

Right now we are growing, We're a booming business, A Global player and there has never been a better time for you to focus on your health and lifestyle.

So many people want better health and to be able to escape that Rat Race and you can achieve it all while still working in a full time job, people that I help are working full time in a job at the beginning, and once their new business reaches a point where its giving you a full time income then and only then you can leave your job and work full time on your business - The sky is the limit!

Isn't it time for you to pursue your dreams!


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