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Summing up 2020 the most unusual year of our lives

It's so easy to look back on the year thats past, reflect a little, kick back over the holiday season and give yourself the time to set new goals for the coming year. But wow it all felt very different this year, When I finally sat down, relaxed and reflected on what was the most unusual year of all of our lives so far it really got me thinking…..

And its been a while since I’ve ‘Blogged’ my thoughts and so in writing this, my first blog of 2021 I’m setting myself a goal of a writing at least one blog a month, Because quite frankly, there is a lot going on, I have a lot to say about it all and I want to share my thoughts….... with anyone who’s interested to know!

The Year That Was 2020

I can remember sitting in a coffee shop in central London in December 2019 with a good friend of mine thats from China but now lives in the UK, He was explaining to me that he’d just come back from a business trip to Wuhan in China and that there was a very serious outbreak of a virus and that I should be concerned because there is a real possibility that it will spread to the rest of the world. In all honesty I thought that he was overreacting. Then it started to build and the virus came closer to home. Back in February I did an event to promote our range of Aloe Vera based products and Weight Management programs at my local David Lloyd club and I had a conversation with a customer along the lines of “I think that schools will close early because this virus is spreading rapidly” She thought I was mad, but then as they say, the rest is history.

So the first lockdown hit, I embraced it, I had all of my immediate family with me at home, we all had our own space to work or study, the weather was great. We ate great food, Ran nineteen half Marathons in twenty one weeks and basically got into great physical shape, my business thrived, my son Alfie thrived academically as I was able to help him to fully focus and learn more transferable skills so it was all good.

Every increasingly I was aware of the mountain of problems growing in my world around me and the wider world and the effects of them were becoming apparent. Mental Health, Financial Stress, Businesses ruined and our ‘Way of Life’ changing. Who would have thought that in our society we would ever be wearing masks to shop?

I don’t think I have ever got used to ‘The new norm” because it's a ‘New Norm’ everyday! One thing is for sure - being able to be a person thats resilient and adaptable is key right now, and going forward.

As I write this I’m sad that I can’t train at my local David Lloyd so I’m back out running outside again, its cold but my fitness is so important to me that I’m embracing it. I’ve set up a ‘Home Gym’ in our garage so all of us in the family can train and keep pushing our fitness levels. That even goes for my son Alfie, Although he’s not at school, not able to attend his Cricket and Football clubs we have found other things for him to do to keep his fitness up.The Dribble Up football has been great.

Food is a big part of our family, we all love it and that a big reason why we’re all mad about sport. So I’ve mad it my mission to make sure I shop well, have plenty of good, healthy food in the house, prepare a home cooked meal every day.

Everyone eats together. We spend quality time with each other. I’m a Step parent as is my husband, We’ve been together seven years, married for four so its always a ‘Work in progress’ when it comes to merging two families but we work hard at it making sure we spend time with our children but also do things together as a family.

Board games have made a big comeback in our house and film night too.

I think what I’m trying to say is that we work hard to make the most of the situation that we are in that we have no control over apart from the way that we react to it. We are not perfect but we are a Glass half full family.

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What 2020 Has Taught Me

20 things that 2020 has taught me:

  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing is permanent

  2. Life is just too short and time waits for no one so we need to live each day to its fullest.

  3. Every day is an opportunity to make a significant difference in your life and a difference in those you choose to give your time to.

  4. The harder (smarter) you work, the luckier you get.

  5. Appreciate every single thing that we have in this life, especially the little things that we all take for granted.

  6. The importance of relationships and connecting more deeply with loved ones.

  7. What true friendship looks like and that you should always check-in with your special people.

  8. Do something active every day, your health is the ultimate wealth.

  9. Use challenges in life as a way to grow mentally.

  10. 10.Fear is the absence of knowledge.

  11. The value of seeing a smile (literally) or making someone smile.

  12. 12.We are all in this together and part of the human family no matter where we come from, how much we have or what we believe in.

  13. 13.Never give up on yourself or on others.

  14. 14.Be adaptive, be flexible and create a life that affords you greater freedom.

  15. 15.Find enjoyment in every single moment of the “journey” — I will never utter the words “are we there yet?” ever again!

  16. 16.Be kind. You have absolutely no idea what someone is going through and your kindness might be the 1 thing that makes their day.

  17. 17.Don’t miss an opportunity to tell your family and friends that you love them.

  18. 18.The value of a kiss and a warm embrace.

  19. 19.Patience is most certainly a virtue worth waiting for.

  20. 20.The immense importance of the selflessness and sacrifice of those that put their lives at risk to protect the greater good.

So it's time to set your goals and plan your 2021 because failing to plan is planning to fail.

How is it possible to achieve anything in this life without a solid plan to follow?

Often, resolutions are these massive ideas to make £10,000 a month or to lose a few stone that are backed up with a head full of bubbly and the excitement of starting over again on a fresh canvas. But the reality is that most people fail to follow through because they don’t have specific goals and a plan as to how they are going to achieve them.

When you are able to break down bigger targets into more bite-sized ones with an actionable strategy of just how you’re going to go about reaching each milestone, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Write down daily/weekly/monthly goals and back it up with an action plan that is measurable and keeps you going with the small wins necessary to see you through to the bigger prize.

In order for this to work, however, it is something that you’ll need to be tracking and keeping tabs on every single day, which is the precursor to…

Making it A Habit

Every single little thing that we gravitate towards in this life is the direct result of a habit.

Forming good habits is all about taking a positive step each and every day in the right direction — it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit.

Looking to lose weight and get fit and healthy? Start today!

Thinking of a side hustle to earn more? Start today!

Write down your goals, they go nowhere when you leave them in your head!

The objective in writing down and visualising the consequences is not to scare you, but to galvanise you into immediate action and to serve as a stern reminder of what making excuses might cost you.

With this, you will have a strong enough reason/s to not fail, but we all have our off days when it’s easier to forget and that’s when you’ll need to

Get Going After The Life of Your Dreams Today!

If you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to making a positive impact in your life without losing the drive we often do when things inevitably start piling up.

Procrastination is the ultimate enemy of success.

2020 has shown us that we can simply not wait for the perfect time, the perfect situation or the most optimal circumstances to change the course of our lives for the better.

Whatever success looks like to you, everything can change in the blink of an eye, so please start today!

Nothing comes from nothing.

Success is an accumulation of countless hours, blood, sweat and tears that we owe to ourselves to sacrifice and live a life without regrets.

I hope that you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it, I’ve left it too long and I promise I won’t do that again!

I’d love to know what you’re planning to start making changes in your life so feel free to leave me a comment below.

Much Love


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