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What does it take to be a great Leader?

Your journey to becoming a great Leader is one of the most important skills to learn when you’re growing any type of business.

Long gone are the days of Managing people in a dictator style and having an attitude of ‘Do what I say’ not ‘What I do’

Leadership and being an inspiring Leader comes from someone who walks the walk and often does all of the things that he or she is asking of the team around them.

But the truth is that we are not all born natural leaders, I had no idea on how to speak to people, Learning how to improve my leadership skills was imperative building any business.

What are Leadership Skills?

Leadership I believe is the strength and ability to inspire, motivate and guide others towards a shared goal.

The importance of Leadership lies in its ability to provide a foundation for a strong and successful team, as well as the ability to get tasks done efficiently, it's what all Leaders aspire to have in their business.

I’m a big fan of acronyms, I found this one when researching the meaning of Leadership:

L – Love – be in love with what you do.

E – Enthusiastic – be expressive in your enthusiasm.

A – Attitude – have the right attitude always.

D – Desire – you must have an eager desire to learn all there is to know about your profession.

E – Emulate – emulate others who you aspire and that you look up to.

R – Respect – always be respectful and earn respect from others through always being in alignment with your integrity.

S – Success – is only as sweet as how you got there.

H – Humble – have humility and stay humble about your success and always pay homage to those who helped get you there.

I – Imagination – use your imagination and tap into the creative energy that lies within, this is your very own power.

P – Passion – stay passionate in everything you do.

Strong and successful leadership must start with personal mastery. You have to practise what you preach in order to lead with integrity and authenticity.

When it comes to your style of Leadership thats important too, How you deliver your message is key to the impact that it has and action thats taken as a result, I’ve always been a ‘Coaching Style’ of a Leader, Coaching leadership style, has a “consider this” approach. As a coach, you are not telling someone what to do, but rather guiding them to unlock their potential that lies within.

These types of leaders are very compassionate towards people and want to empower them as best they can — it’s their belief that everyone has the power within themselves.

What are the 10 Characteristics of a Good Leader?

When looking at how to improve leadership skills, taking a look at this list is a good place to start. Where do you rate yourself as a Leader?

  1. Integrity

  2. Ability to delegate

  3. Communication

  4. Self-awareness

  5. Gratitude

  6. Learning agility

  7. Influence

  8. Empathy

  9. Courage

  10. 10. Respect

When building a network marketing business these are characteristics that will be in your favour as your team grows, but don’t panic - Growing a Network Marketing business is all about growing yourself, So I’ll help you to improve on any areas that you need to. But as a starting point.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can improve your Leadership skills:

1. Take Initiative

Taking initiative is right up there on the list of effective leadership skills. At the end of the day it’s YOUR business so you are the one that has to take the lead.

Whether it’s a network marketing business you have or something else, it’s up to you to drive it!

2. Communication and Listening Effectively

Excellent communication skills are paramount to becoming an effective leader. However, communication is much more than expressing what you want to happen, it’s also about being able to truly listen to others.

If you want to know how to improve leadership skills in business, LISTEN.

This is one of the most crucial leadership skills you can develop.

When you take the time to listen to others you’re able to get valuable feedback, suggestions and ideas. In my network marketing business we are all about this dynamic.

3. Motivate Others

Are you making an effort to motivate your team?

A great leader should influence people in the most positive way.

You motivate people by understanding what they need and want. This is a big focus for my team and I, we do our best to keep the energy high.

4. Leaders are Learners

Personal development is the ultimate tool for developing leadership skills. Whether it’s books, seminars, podcasts or YouTube, don’t stop learning!

Take 20-60 minutes per day and make it a goal to learn and get inspired by others.

5. Handling Conflicts

Learning how to handle conflicts is an essential leadership skill. A good leader knows how to handle difficulties amongst people and resolve conflicts.

This takes a certain amount of courage, as it’s not always easy to be the one to do the right thing, but you will be respected in your ability to do so.

6. Inspire others

Inspiring others is an important leadership skill especially in a network marketing business as people will require encouragement and guidance.

What I love about Forever, the business I’m part of is that they often create events that leave people feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to keep building their business and dreams!

7. Lead by Example

If you want to know how to improve your leadership skills — lead by example, always.

Act in a way that shows others how to act.

You can only provide advice or tell someone to do something if you’ve actually done it, this is how you can be an authentic leader.

8. Be Goal-Oriented

An effective leader will always focus on a solution, rather than whining about a problem. They are goal-oriented and will make sure the most important tasks at hand are completed first.

They have the end vision in mind and are always working towards it — this is important when building a business because if you don’t know what you’re working towards, then what are you even doing.

9. Share in the Success

success and achievements you get are due to the efforts of the entire team.

A leader is really only as great as the team behind them.

When you share the success you set an example for others to do so with their teams and this will inevitably result in respect and admiration for your role and impact you have on others.

10. Know How to Develop a Team

Become an effective leader by developing a strong team through training, teaching and coaching.In a network marketing business like Forever, training new team members is a fundamental part of the business model. Without this you can’t expect people to achieve any goals.

11.Give Value and Teach People Through Content

Providing value and teaching people through content is key in setting you on the path to being a good leader.

Make a place for yourself as an authority on a subject through content in the form of videos, Blog articles and social media.

When you consistently give tips to people and teach them basic strategies that can help them, people will start to see you as an expert and therefore a leader in your realm of work.

Have you always dreamt of being an inspiring leader?, Do you love helping people to achieve their goals?

Why not get in touch and we can have a chat to start you on your journey to success.

Much Love

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