A Few Words About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda, I’m a Mum, Marathon runner and Entrepreneur! 


12 years ago just after I had my son I became really poorly and spent around six months in and out of hospital, quite by accident I was introduced to a natural product called Aloe vera and was advised to drink it everyday to help me to improve my health, at that time I didn't know that you could drink Aloe but I took the advice and and within six weeks of drinking it I felt like someone had switched a light back on inside of me, I felt better than I had in a long time but I also noticed that I had lots more energy, I was sleeping better, my Hair, Skin, Nails were all in better condition so you could say that I was sold on the benefits of drinking Aloe everyday!

I was then introduced to the company behind this fantastic product called Forever Living and offered an opportunity which has changed my life. I was shown how to build my own home based health and wellness company working alongside Forever, a global organisation thats been in business for 42 years.


I had no experience in Health & Nutrition and had never had my own business before but with Forever's Training and Coaching program I was able to learn the ‘How to’ and I’ve gone on to build my own business, design my lifestyle and to earn an income income that I used to think was impossible.


I’m so passionate about my business in helping lots of other people just like me who have always dreamed of being their own boss to ditch the rat race, sack their boss and become a successful business owner working flexible hours based from home.

Its a fail proof business model, proven to work throughout 160 countries over the last 42 Years, I love the fact that Forever is a privately owned Family run business with people at the centre of what they do!